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Reach targeted HCPs with original, authoritative content. Whether you are launching a new product, trying to increase sales of an existing product or repositioning an established product, Elsevier article reprints and Article Collections provide an exclusive and distinctive way to promote your brand using the strengths of our multimedia programs and your published work.


Article reprints carry the prestige, authority and quality of the original publication. The majority of our journals are rigorously peer-reviewed by experts in their specific field.


The reader (whether researcher, scientist, or clinician) has greater confidence in the material due to its association with the journal.


Customize both hard copy and digital reprints. Pick a Single Article or generate an Article Collection; selecting multiple articles from different reprints fitting your requirement. In

addition, our digital reprints include an embedded counter so you can keep track of usage in real time.



Supplements allow you to create your own publication centered on a topic of interest to your target. All content is peer-reviewed by our editorial board to ensure HCPs see your piece as valuable, trusted information. As an addition, your publication is included to ScienceDirect, the world’s leading source for scientifi c, technical, and medical research, and can be printed in original or in your local language.



Showcase your brand through tailored solutions that fit your needs. Partner with us and choose from a wide range of offerings. A few possibilities:

• Local journal editions

Deliver the message you want by creating a custom piece to promote your brand along with one of our industry-leading journals.

• Article Poster

Celebrate your author’s published article with an attractive color poster, which includes a personalized reference. Suitable for framing and perfect for your lab or office.

• Educational materials for patients

Patient education materials are no longer “extras” appended to a visit to the doctor, pharmacy, or hospital. Instead, they have become an integral part of how patient care is delivered. When prepared and used properly, patient education materials can improve healthcare and outcomes, help prevent disease, instill healthy behavior, and reduce costs.

• Books

E-books are gaining popularity, however print is still popular with many scientific and medical audiences and therefore we offer both digital and print capabilities. Suit your individual needs with a customized solution, choosing from various top-selling books of local as well as international origin. Reach your market with a sponsored online or hardcopy book cover or a textbook chapter highlighting your company with guaranteed access to an expert target audience.



More can be accomplished and learned by sharing skills and resources than by working alone. Sharing ideas and interacting with others results in greater understanding of the issues. Elsevier offers customized courses led by experts in the fields of academic publication and presentation as well as scientific communications. The courses represent the essence of peer-topeer education; they are a great way to build relationships with your peers, who have similar goals, objectives and struggles. We offer training in 3 basic forms:

• Webinars

• Seminars

• Workshops



Advertising in English HMS journals & on our journal’s websites allows you to create brand awareness. Present your brand to our engaged subscription base through ads in our esteemed journals and related websites. Align your product with our expert-generated content. Effectively communicate your promotional message through a multichannel mix of digital and print advertising. Capture your target audience’s attention and develop an instant and engaging connection.

Useful facts:

• Specialty areas: 40+

• Journals: 450+ (including local journals)

• Online av. monthly page views: 30m+ (across various Elsevier platforms)

• Print products: Inserts, Cover wraps, Journal and Book ads, Product Bulletin

• Web: Website Banner ads, Table of Content Email, Custom Email program, Digi-editions


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Sales Manager
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